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For 130 years, thousands of students, faculty and staff members occupied the buildings at Virginia Intermont College. It is a place filled with memories and history. Now the quad, classrooms, the gym, dining hall, dorms, offices, the darkroom and library are abandoned. There is a quiet and lonely feeling that overwhelms and envelops me as I revisit the campus. All the memories and history of VI still remain- it was home.

I wanted to photograph for myself at VI after it closed as a way to preserve the memories and feelings that I had experienced during my 3 years there. Once I started photographing and exploring buildings that I had never been in before I realized how much history was there and how special VI had been to so many other people. Even though the doors are closed and the desks are removed, VI is far from empty. 

Preserving the history of Virginia Intermont College is important because its’ closing represents a current theme in our changing society. Smaller institutions of individuality, the very essence of America are being eradicated in favor of larger, cookie-cutter universities where one size fits all. VI represented a time and place where that individuality was the norm. These photographs are a way for thousands of alumni to reconnect with those memories that we share.

Virginia Intermont College: What Remains